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Roblox is known for its child friendly game, however that doesn't mean there aren't fun Roblox games for grown-ups, as well. To save you time, we evaluated many titles to present to you a rundown of the best Roblox Games of 2022.

Adopt me!

Adopt Me! is a solid competitor for Roblox's most well known game, and is effectively the most played RPG on the stage. It's a game about providing care, with players assuming the job of either a new parent or an embraced kid and dealing with their ordinary necessities, Sims-style. 

In any case, the focal point of the game has moved in its four-year (and then some!) life expectancy, with collectable pets turning into the large draw for most players. 

Adopt Me! gets week by week updates and customary time-restricted occasions, including some cool connections with properties like Scooby-Doo. Since this game is focused on a more youthful player base than most Roblox content, it's likewise worth staying alert that it contains microtransactions, especially identified with its pet-driven highlights.


Jailbreak is actually classed as a Town and City game by Roblox, yet now it's actually an undeniably more family-accommodating form of Grand Theft Auto Online. Players can adjust themselves either with the cops or the burglars in a game that highlights driving, heists (for burglars) or assaults (for cops), and fancy condos to outfit with all that badly gotten plunder. 

Presently on its third period of refreshed substance, Jailbreak's extraordinary fame has prompted true promoting bargains for its makers (who are currently utilizing the returns of the game to set up themselves for school, bravo!). In case you're scanning Roblox for a GTA-light game that is likewise suggestive of LEGO City Undercover (or the first LEGO Island games in case you're old like me), this likely could be the one for you.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is Roblox's head game under the Horror tag. One player for each round is arbitrarily assigned the killer, and another the sheriff. Up to ten extra players are the blameless people. Each of the three gatherings play their own arrangement of rules with various triumph conditions: the killer plans to dispose of everybody before the sheriff gets them; the sheriff should attempt to recognize and afterward stop the killer; and the blameless people expect to endure and can help the sheriff's examination. 

With the new flood in fame of social allowance games (remarkably Among Us), it's obvious that Murder Mystery 2 keeps on being perhaps the most-visited games on Roblox. The game is played in short adjusts and has few paid additional items, including the choice to set up private workers at 10 Robux each.


Welcome to Bloxburg is a Sims-roused Town and City game. The highlights are to a great extent what we've generally expected from the existence reenactment sort: your person can find a day line of work, carry on with an existence of relaxation spending time with companions, or look for experience in the game world on the loose. This game additionally includes a form mode that is gotten specific commendation. 

It's important that Welcome to Bloxburg is one of only a handful few Roblox games you need to buy prior to playing. It costs 25 Robux — which is about 30p (yet the current Robux least buy is £4.59 for 400). There are likewise few available additional items, which fundamentally present more shifted and adaptable structure devices.