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Which one of these Pokemon appears the first time you play Pokemon Go?

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TheKing 2021-10-07
I got all the questions right :D
Basic Hype 2022-06-08
CipherSleuth 2023-10-17
Won a code, incredible Pokémon trivia challenge!
StreamStalker 2023-10-18
Super fun quiz, and my code worked!
GlitchGuru 2023-09-06
Got 'em all right, great rewards
BinaryBard 2023-08-09
Trivia was fun, code was better :)
PentaParagon 2023-07-10
Exciting quiz, fantastic reward code :D

In the world of Pokémon, where friendships, battles, and adventures intertwine, there has always been so much more than meets the eye. Now, Pokémon enthusiasts and aspiring trainers have a new challenge awaiting them on GameFunio, a platform that understands the thrill of proving one's knowledge in the games we love. Dive deep into your memories of Pokémon regions far and wide, as GameFunio's trivia section dedicated to Pokémon promises a journey through nostalgia, testing your knowledge about this iconic universe.

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About this quiz

GameFunio has launched an immersive Pokémon trivia experience, appealing to fans and trainers keen on testing their knowledge of the extensive Pokémon universe. This platform challenges participants with questions ranging from Pokémon characteristics to historical game details, catering to all expertise levels. Unique features include community-driven question submission, ensuring a constantly updated and relevant question pool. The competitive aspect is alive, with score-sharing and global rankings, enhancing user interaction and the spirit of the game. Overall, GameFunio's trivia extends beyond mere questions, offering a communal journey back into the beloved world of Pokémon.