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Who is the developer of Clash Royale?

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Clash Royale is a card-collecting videogame developed by the same team that created Clash of Clans. The purpose of Clash Royale is to build a powerful deck of cards to face off against other players in a competition. Units are deployed using the cards in a deck of cards. It is necessary to demolish your opponent's towers to win a match.

The game was officially launched on the 2nd of March, 2016, over the world. Clash Royale achieved $1 billion in revenue in less than a year after being released on the market. Sensor Tower, a market research company, predicts that Clash Royale's revenue will exceed $2.5 billion over three years.

Clash Royale's premium currency is the gem. Players begin the game with 100 Gems when they initially download it. If you want to get more Gems, you can unlock Crown Chests, shop for them, buy them in-game, participate in particular challenges, or get them for free in Clan Wars. You can use them to rapidly open Chests, purchase stuff from the Shop, and take part in Challenges, among other things.

How to get the Gems on the game?

Clash Royale is a free-to-play real-time video game. Crown Chests hold 2-4 Gems, which can be found inside. At 900 Trophies and 2900 Trophies, you can get a one-time reward of gems from Trophy Road. Once you've earned 5,000 Trophies, you'll be able to make Gems as a seasonal Trophy Road reward, with the exact spot changing every season.

The game merges features from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online war arenas.

Buying Gems

Purchasing Gems is a process that takes time.

Gems can be purchased from the Store for the following amounts (All in United States dollars.)




Gems Per Dollar



Fistful of Gems




Pouch of Gems




Bucket of Gems




Barrel of Gems




Wagon of Gems




Mountain of Gems



If players want to get more precious Gems, they must spend them wisely and efficiently. We've broken out the most rewarding ways to spend Gems in the following area. 

  • Winning Grand Challenges provides the player the most Cards and Gold per Gem, but entering one costs 100 Gems and requires the player to win 12 matches without losing any gem.
  • Classic Challenges are a safer but less rewarding method to spend Gems.
  • Global Tournament bonuses are nearly as valuable as winning the Classic or Grand Challenges, and they require less ability to obtain than winning the tournaments themselves.
  • Depending on the remaining awards, using Gems to continue or restart a Special Event Challenge might be quite helpful.
  • Spending Gems in the Shop to buy Cards, Gold, or Chests is of no use. You'll only receive one Epic card for every 50 Gems spent on a stack of five Epic cards.
  • Faster Card requests, faster Chest unlock timers, or skipping Pass Royale Tiers are not encouraged as they yield extremely minimal value per Gem.


  1. With your Gems, you can bypass the process of opening chests. A Gem is saved for every ten-minute period, which cuts the cost of doing so by 1 gem.
  2. With Gems, you can purchase items such as gold, cards, chests, and emoticons.
  3. With Gems, you can begin Tournaments and participate in Challenges.
  4. With the help of Gems, you can complete particular challenges that have been abandoned. If you have Pass Royale, you can use this for free.
  5. Gems can be exchanged for bonus rewards from the Global Tournament.
  6. You can also bypass the request time if you want to send 1 Gem every 10 minutes. However, this will cancel the previous request.
  7. With the use of Gems, you can skip a layer in Pass Royale.

How to Get Free Gems without Buying?

  • You start the game with 100 Gems.
  • Crown Chests hold 2-4 Gems, which can be found inside.
  • At 900 and 2900 Trophies, you can get a one-time Trophy Road prize of gems. Once you've earned 5,000 Trophies, you'll be able to earn Gems as a seasonal Trophy Road reward, with the exact spot changing every season.
  • Daily deals in the Shop may offer free Gems on occasion.
  • Some Special Event Challenges and Global Tournaments provide the chance to win Gems as a one-time prize.
  • If you already have the maximum Gems from a Magic Item, that item will not give you any more gems.

To see how many free and purchased Gems you have, simply touch the number of Gems in the upper right corner when the game is in Japanese.