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Guide: New World MMO Best Tips and Tricks

Amazon's New World MMO is set on Aeternum, which is a supernatural island that houses a dark power. Players will be navigating the island's corrupted and dangerous wildlife as well as the undead remains from previous expeditions that have been waiting for centuries.

Another reason why so many people are drawn to Aeternum is that Azoth, the same substance which can corrupt anyone who comes in contact with it, is also rare and powerful. It can empower players and foes as well as items.


Classes and Progression


The game does not have any traditional classes. You can gain experience and level up like other MMO players, but you have the option to freely distribute your skill and attribute points to any area you choose. You can choose to customize your character and equipment to play traditional roles like tank, healer, and DPS.

Experience can be gained from many sources: killing mobs and completing corrupted breaches; expeditions, gathering, crafting; completing main story quests; side quests; town projects or faction missions.

The progression systems in New World include Weapon Mastery, Trade Skills and Faction Reputation. Territory Standing is also available.

Weapon mastery is an ability to improve your weapon use. There are 38 skills you can unlock for each weapon. You gain mastery XP every time you kill a monster with a weapon. As you increase your mastery, you unlock 19 skill points. These points can unlock abilities. You must spend 10 points on previous tiers to unlock the last ability of each tree. This means you cannot unlock all the trees but you can still spend points in one.



Although PvP is an important part of New World, it has undergone significant changes since its inception. You can engage in PvP with others and fight for territory control. However, you can also opt out of PvP.

PvP remains a main focus of the game. However, only fair, conscientious, organized, and skill-based fights are allowed. Not the kind of griefing or player-killing they witnessed in the first beta.

New World now offers an opt-in PvP program. You can only switch between PvP-enabled/-disabled in your player house or a settlement, then venture out into the world either completely safe from others or able to freely engage those who have also enabled PvP. You must be at least level 10 in order to opt in to PvP.

The Criminal System, which was present in previous versions, has been eliminated.

Items are not lost by players upon death.

PvP servers won't exist, at least not until release.

PvP grants bonuses of up to 10% experience gain to encourage you to take on more risk. The risk of getting killed is much lower than other games due to the absence of an item drop upon death. The major downfall of getting killed is losing durability on your gear and having to use repair parts to repair the broken gear.

Due to the action-oriented nature of PvP, player stats and attributes are not as important as they do in other games. Even a 10-level difference between player levels should not be considered insurmountable. A lower-level player should be able beat a higher-level player solely based on skill.

PvP faction missions are the main driver of Open World PvP. These missions send players to certain locations. Players must be flagged for PvP during these missions. If they die, their mission progress will be reset. A player can be killed in PvP to gain experience, faction tokens and gold. The time the victim has been alive and flagged up will also give you items. In PvP, players do not lose any items.

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Corrupted Breaches are world events that appear in territories when they become too corrupted and provide additional PvE content. The players must clear multiple waves of enemies before sealing the breach with an Azoth-infused staff. There are many types of breaches. Some can be completed solo. Others require a team effort.

As part of the February 2021 update, Dungeons were introduced to New World. These expeditions are called "Expeditions" in game and provide challenging content for groups of 3-5 players. Amrine Temple was the first expedition to be made public. In March 2021, another expedition was announced as Garden of Genesis.

New World will offer PvE arenas. These include boss encounters and are intended to be challenging PvE content for groups up to five players. These will require a balanced party with melee and ranged DPS, as well as a healer.

Players will need to find a key in order to enter the arenas of New World. These keys can be obtained from monsters, or by other means. The key can be used by one player at the arena entrance to teleport the whole group inside. Players have a time limit once they are inside the arena. They will be teleported out if they fail to defeat the boss and must find another key.

The arena has a nature theme and pits players against the Spriggan (a high-ranking boss and member the Angry Earth faction). Spriggan's attacks are powerful and deal a lot of stamina damage. They also break blocks easily. The Spriggan's melee and ranged attacks can be switched between melee or ranged, and it has the ability to create a healing shield which the group must quickly break down before the Spriggan can recover too much health. The Spriggan can be defeated to reward players with valuable loot, as well as a chance to win a legendary item that is some of the most desirable gear in New World.



New World's main focus is crafting. It was recently updated in December and January. Reaching higher levels in these trade skillsallows gatherers to track higher level resources, gain bonus materials while refining, and crafters will be able to craft items with higher gear score and more perks, which rival the best items to be found in the game. Although perks for crafted items are usually random, they can be modified using special resources.

Legendary items are possible to be made using very rare materials.

Gathering skills

  • Mining
  • Skinning
  • Logging
  • Harvesting

Enhance your skills:

  • Smelting
  • Stonecutting
  • Woodworking
  • Leatherworking
  • Weaving

Crafting Professions

  • Weaponsmithing: Melee Weapons
  • Armoring: Light, Medium and Heavy Armor
  • Jewelcrafting: Trinkets and Gems
  • Engineering: Ranged Weapons and Ammo
  • Arcana: Potions, Tinctures, Magical Weapons
  • Cooking: Meals and Drinks that provide buffs and health regeneration
  • Furnisher: Furniture and Storage for Player Houses

When gathering materials, players have a chance to find special resources that improve crafted items.