Guide: How to Get Free Robux

Guide: How to get Rewards 2022

How can you get V-Bucks free in Fortnite's new Season? Welcoming to Get V-Bucks for Free this guide will cover all aspects of Fortnite's earning V-Bucks. There are very few ways to earn V Bucks by playing Battle Royale. I will tell you the best ways in this blog post!


Login Rewards


Here is a list of all Daily Login Rewards that grant Fortnite V-Bucks. Save the World's Daily Login Rewards offer V-Bucks to early access founders, rare and legendary items, Llamas as well as evolution materials and people. 

On login day 336, 1000 V-Bucks will be rewarded. 800 V-Bucks can be redeemed on days 112 and 224. Login Rewards grants total of 10 000 VBucks over 336 days (30V-Bucks/day), and the cycle begins again on day 1 after day 336. Fortnite Battle Royale does not offer Daily Login Rewards. To get V-Buck reward days quicker, log in every day. You can also use Llamas, schematics, and other resources to increase your Collection book. You can still log in daily even if you forget to login. The next day you'll be able to login again.


Login rewards: Get the most from them

To get to the V-Buck reward days quicker, log in every day. You can also use Llamas, schematics, and other resources to increase your Collection Book's level. You can continue your Daily Login streak even if you are unable to log in on a given day.


Daily Quests

A graph of Daily Quests showing how simple, fast and luck-based each Daily Quest is. Daily Quests will reward you with 50-100 V Bucks and 100 Daily Coins. Daily Quests can only be completed in one mission. After logging in, you will automatically receive Daily Quest each day. A Daily Quest can be replaced with another one once per day. The graph below will help you decide if your Daily Quest should be kept.

In the 12.20 update of March 17, new types of Daily Quests have been added. The reward for zone-specific Mission Specialist missions was removed, but 60 V-Bucks are now available.

  • Exploration Party – Fully explore 3 areas in successful missions: 50V-Bucks, 240 Gold
  • Mission Specialist (Any Hero). Complete 3 missions: 50 V Bucks, 240 Gold
  • Mission Veteran (Any Hero). Complete 5 missions: 100V-Bucks, and 400 Gold
  • Playing it Safe - Loot Safes in Successful Missions: 50 V Bucks and 244 gold
  • Lost Treasures – Loot 5 Treasure Chests in Successful Missions: 50 V Bucks, 240 Gold

Tips and tricks for the daily quests

Daily Destruction Quests can be completed by your team. You can help your teammates complete the Daily Destroy Quest by notifying them at the beginning of the mission to demolish all TVs. When you are close to them, you will see a yellow outline in your Daily DestroyQuest objects. For the best results, go to the location described in the description. Avoid grasslands and forests as they have very few objects. By selecting the Daily Quest, you can see the object that you must destroy and then pressing "Replay Intro".

Daily Discovery Quests have been added to patch V.1.10. To find specific locations, explore the zones. Because team members may have found locations, they do not count.

Husk Extermination Queests requires you to kill or damage husks before they are slain. Your Husk Extermination Quest will be completed if your partner kills any type of husk or damages any mist monsters. You can complete the Quest in any difficulty level, in any zone, or with Storm Shield Defenses.

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Timed Missions

Fortnite StW (Save the World), features Timed Missions that grant bonuses such as evolution materials, experience and schematics. They also allow you to survive, heroes, defenders, survivors, perk resource or V-Bucks. Each Timed Mission's bonus reward is available once it has been completed. The map is marked with a clock sign, and the missions rotate once every 24 hours. Although there are many types of Timed Missions, only Mini-Boss mission can be rewarded with V-Bucks. Mini-Boss mission are also called Mini-Boss Mission Alerts, or simply Mission Alerts. Below are the Mini-Boss Mission Alerts for Fortnite.

Mini-Boss mission rewards are quite common, but V-Bucks are not as easy to get as regular mission rewards. You can earn 25-40 V Bucks for completing a single mission. The missions are updated every day. The bonus reward will not be given if you complete the same mission twice. Storm missions and other Timed Missions can only award evolution materials as a bonus reward. Elemental Storm missions are rewarded with elemental perk resource for their respective elements. Event organizers have their own kinds of Timed Missions.



Fortnite events used grant lots of V-Bucks. However, Road Trip in 2018 was the last one to do so. To increase V-Bucks income, some events can double Mini-Boss missions. Each event has its own questlines and progression systems.

Events introduce new heroes, weapons and traps, and provide survivors with free legendaries and V-Bucks. Each event changes the Event Store. You will be able to purchase Event Llamas using event-specific currency. This is a way to earn heroes, schematics, and other items for free. The current event's currency is awarded to you by normal V-Buck-Buy Llamas. For the new items, there are new sections in the Collection Book.