Guide: How to Get Free Robux

Guide: Guide on how to get Brawl Skins

Here you can find out pretty much all the free Brawl Stars skins that exists in the game. 

There's right now three free Brawler skins in Brawl Stars, yet we will obviously watch out for any new ones that is added and update this article in like manner. 

Check the features beneath to get precise data on the most proficient method to open or utilize every one of the free skins, without spending a singel penny of your well deserved cash!


Star Shelly


The Star Shelly skin was at first made by Supercell as a prize to the players, if Brawl Stars could reach more than 2 million pre-enrollments before the authority game dispatch, a number that was effectively outperformed two or three million enlistments. 

On the off chance that you haven't got on board with the Brawl Stars fleeting trend yet, there's still an ideal opportunity to guarantee the Star Shelly skin essentially by making a record before 2019.


Top Hat Mortis

In the beginning phases of Brawl Stars, Mortis used to be furnished with a cool looking formal hat! Oddly enough Supercell then, at that point chose to modify Mortis default skin, unfortunately eliminating the formal hat simultaneously. 

The reaction from the local area was both moment and brutal. A consistent thunder requested that the formal hat would promptly be taken back to the game, and Supercell in the end collapsed and added the skin as a free option for all to utilize.

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Wizard Barley

The super rad Wizard Barley skin was made by Supercell as an incentive for players to connect their Brawl Stars accounts to a Supercell ID. This keeps your account safe and also enables you to play on it on multiple devices.

Just go to the in game settings and connect your Brawl Stars account with an old or newly created Supercell ID, to unlock your free Wizard Barley skin!


How to get a free Barley Skin

You can get a free skin for Barley by making and connecting your Supercell ID in the game. 

Instructions to Create a Supercell Account: 

  • From the principle menu, tap on the catch on the upper right of the screen, and select Supercell ID. 
  • Enter your email address and sit tight for the check email. 
  • Get and input the code that was shipped off you to confirm your record. On the off chance that the confirmation was effective, you presently have your own Supercell account.