Guide: How to Get Free Robux

Guide: Cool Roblox Outfits that Cost Less than 500 Robux

Looking for free Robux?There are many ways you can get it without extra cost. This step-by-step guide will explain which options are there for you and how to perform them. Some of them you may know, some you have heard of, while others will surely surprise you. All techniques are up to date and valid. Pay attention anddiscover all ways to get Robuxfor free, in the game, and around it.


Sharing Links


Getting Robux for Free and increasing your game balance is achievable by sharing game links. It's an easy and safe way to get Robux without the extra cost. Read on to learn all techniques and hidden methods to successfully perform this step and top up your earnings.

Roblox Game Links

Roblox players can use dedicated store-links generated in the game store that get rewarded for every new player that starts playing the game and/or makes a purchase. Once this link is obtained - it's possible to share it anywhere online. The sharing player will get 5% of bucks for any Robux purchase made by the invited friend. There is no limit on how many players you can invite. Share it with friends, post it on forums, share in relevant social media profiles and get rewarded.

Roblox Store Links

To begin your Robux earning journey through the Link-Sharing Program, you just need to share Roblox store item links. To get links simply visit any store page of any item or any game and press share.

Share your links anywhere: Social media, forums, chats - All are applicable. Each purchase made by a user will award you with 5% commission. On each referred friend's purchase 1,000 Robux - You will be credited with 50 Robux.


Where To Share Referring Links

Basically, any online site or app where Roblox audiences occasionally visit are potential for such promotion. The best channels to let your friends know about this opportunity is social platforms and networks. Avoid placing links on pages or profiles with child-sensitive, abusive or offensive content, which may be considered invalid for Roblox audience and get your account at risk. Most Popular Platforms for sharing referral


Roblox Creator Rewards

Most Profitable way to get Robux. Creative players rewarded. Earn Robux & Real Money using your talent. Create games, design items and get paid. The only limit is your creativity. Creating items and games is not that hard and can potentially lead to a huge reward of the Robux that you can later exchange for real money via Roblox Creator Program.

Roblox Creator Challenges Gifts

These are tutorials and educational programs, designed to teach new Roblox developers how to create games in the Roblox Studio. For completing the training they award you with Roblox or Robux items. To start these challenges follow the official guides like this and start creating. This will help you get familiar with the Roblox Studio and will allow you to create games and items in the future. Creating games items is an amazing way to get free Robux.

Create Your Own Roblox Game

Most interesting way to get free Robux - make a Roblox Game. Have an amazing game idea? Start making it with Roblox tools. You can earn a lot of Robux and convert them to real money.

Most popular Roblox game genres that only require level design skills:

  • Obby’s - obstacle courses
  • Tycoons - business simulation video games
  • Social Games - for players to spend time together & socialize

You don’t need to code to build your first game. 


Robux Hacks & Generators

Most Risky Ways to get Free Robux. Attempt with caution, but if a trusted source is found you can get significant amounts of Robux for your time. Avoid sharing your personal details, downloading software and sharing your Roblox credentials.

Free Robux Generators & Hacks

There are websites and programs that claim to provide free Robux for nothing. 99% of them are phishing & scam.


Using them will most likely result it:


  • Losing your Roblox account
  • Roblox account suspension
  • Malware and viruses
  • Personal information leak

What to Avoid when Getting Free Robux

  • Never share personal details such as your account credentials
  • Never share any credit card details with a website that not explicitly related or affiliated with
  • Never share any of your demographic attributes to an unknown website or tool
  • Never submit your Roblox password anywhere other than the Roblox login page
  • Never share your Roblox password or sensitive information with another user
  • Beware of fake Robux generator sites they are phishing scams that better be avoided


Promo Codes & Premium Bonuses

Free Robux from nothing? Promo codes, gift cards and premium bonuses are ways of getting robux without any work involved. Finding promo codes, receiving or winning gift cards or even getting premium membership does not require you to share links or create something.

Promo Codes & Gift Cards

Promo codes may expire or only be active for a short period of time. Once used by a player, most promo codes become expired or obsolete.

Gift Cards are pretty straight forward - once redeemed they provide fixed amount of Robux to user. There are three types of available: $10, $25 and $50, where most also includes free virtual item. The leader in this category with without a doubt is the globally leading marketplace Amazon with its attractive Robux deals.

How to Redeem a Code in Roblox

To redeem your gift cards and promo codes follow these simple steps:

  • Log into account on Roblox website or the mobile app.
  • Visit the promo Code Redeem page or Game Code Redeem pageto submit the promo code.
  • Verify redeem was a successful one. If not - repeat this action until completion.


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